Stay Safe From COVID-19

The anxiety surrounding the global pandemic is not going away, and for many the only real way to eliminate worry is to get tested. Currently, people at risk for COVID-19 have two options for testing: a viral test and an antibody test that can indicate if you have had a past infection.
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We are following CDC guidelines for evaluating and identifying symptomatic patients. Again, if you have a fever and cough, call your primary care office to determine next steps. The best course of action may be to stay home. If you do not have symptoms, you do not need to be tested.

The COVID-19 test isn’t simple, like the ones for flu or strep. The tests that detect COVID-19 can only be run at specialty labs and not at a hospital or physician office. Each test can take 4-6 hours to perform. At this time, testing is limited and is being reserved only for the highest-risk and sickest patients. Laboratories are actively working to expand testing capabilities. Our doctors will make all testing decisions based on protocols developed in partnership with public health officials.

Testing is vital to minimize the spread of the pandemic and to ensure those infected receive the treatment you need.

Summit Health is proud to offer Coronavirus testing at this time for those who are at-risk or may have been infected with the virus.

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